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Fiber Arts Competition

2019 Fiber Arts Competition

Online Entry (Click here)

Please also fill out an Entry card for EACH item. (Download form)

Judges to be announced.

There are categories for adults and youth (age 18 or younger as of 1/1/2019).

How to enter:

  • Each article must be made by entrant alone (between March 2018-March 2019).
  • An entry form and entry fee must be submitted with each entry.
  • The fee is $2 per item for adults;
    youth – no charge.
  • Checks may be made payable to Carolina Fiberfest.
  • Entrants may submit items in as many categories as they wish but only two items per category.
  • Each item may be entered in only one category.
  • All entries must be clean and odor-free.
  • Skein entries are to be made into a 1 1/2 yard or 2 yard hank tied in minimum of three places.  Minimum weight 2 ounces per skein entry.

An index card including the following information must be attached to each entry
(please print and be as complete as possible):

  • Category number
  • A brief description of the item (e.g. handspun yarn – sheeps wool)
  • The fiber content by approximate percentages (for wool, include the breed if known)
  • The processes used (e.g. self-dyed, self-designed)
  • All skeins  –  the wpi (wraps per inch) or equivalent weight
  • Youth contestants – list the age of the entrant as of 1/1/2019
  • If someone other than yourself will be picking up your entry, please note that on the card.

Do not include on the index card or actual entry any information which might identify the entrant.

Entries must be hand-delivered to the Skein and Garment Booth at the following times: 5-7 pm Thursday March 21, 2019.

Judging will take place Friday from 8-10 am.
Late entries cannot be accepted.

Skein, Garment & Fiber Arts Categories

Youth Categories (18 and younger):

Y1. Handspun yarn (wheel or spindle)
Y2. Items made from handspun yarn (woven, crocheted, knitted, fulled, felted, etc.)
Y3. Items made from commercial yarn (woven, crocheted, knitted, fulled, felted, etc.)
Y4. Miscellaneous. (items that don’t fit into any of our other categories)

Adult Categories: in addition to above categories

S5. Singles natural or dyed
S6. Plied, natural or dyed
S7. Spindle spun (and plied) yarn
S8. Novelty yarn (describe technique on entry)
S9. Novice spinner (less than one year)
K10. Knitted articles (from handspun yarn)
K11. Knitted articles (from all other yarn)
K12. Knitted articles designed by the knitter (any yarn)
C13. Crocheted articles (from handspun yarn)
C14. Crocheted articles (from all other yarn)
C15. Crocheted articles designed by the crocheter (any yarn)
W16. Woven articles (any fiber)
W17. Woven articles (from handspun)
F18. Needle Felted items
F19. Wet Felted items
X20: Miscellaneous. (items that don’t fit into any of our other categories)

Farm & Mill Categories:
Entries must be submitted in the name of the mill or farm depending upon category. The entry will include the mill name if submitted by the mill  or farm and mill name if submitted by the farm.

M21.  Farm Skeins – entered by an individual farm showing the quality of yarn produced from their fiber.
M22.  Mill Skeins – entered by a mill demonstrating their best work.

Judging Will include:

  • Overall effect (complementary design, fiber, and color, if applicable)
  • Appropriate finishing
  • Execution and skill (free of mistakes, appropriate hand)
  • Appropriate embellishment
  • Special appeal/creativity
  • Originality of work

The judges reserve the right to divide categories and to reassign entries to more appropriate categories.  The decisions of the judges are final.

Ribbons will be awarded for First, Second, and Third place in each category at the discretion of the judges. Entries and awards will be on display at the Skein and Garment Booth Friday from 11:00 am until 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am until 4:00 pm .

All entries will be on display at the Skein and Garment booth during CFF hours.
The booth will be supervised by festival volunteers; however, CFF assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged entries, or for items not claimed by 5:00 pm Saturday (unless return by mail or UPS is arranged and paid for in advance by the participant).

Return of Entries
Articles entered in the Skein and Garment Competition will be released at 4:00 pm Saturday March 23, 2019 and must be picked up by 5:00 pm.


Items will be released only to the entrant or to a third party designated by the entrant on the entry form. Items may be returned by mail only if postage pre-paid, insured and addressed packaging is provided by maker at time of entry.
Unclaimed items will become property of Carolina Fiberfest.